1. Participants should bring bonafide, full time UG and PG students only can participate Covai TIES-2018 Inter Engineering College Sports and Games (age below 25 years).

2. Part time PG students and the distance education students of the member institution are not eligible for participation in Covai TIES-2018 Inter Engineering College Sports and Games.

3. An athlete can take part in any Two events only (track and field) excluding relays

4. Two competitors per events from a college and one reserve are permitted for athletics.

5. In athletics for each events there should be minimum of 4 entries. If the number of participants actually present is less than 3, the event shall not take place.

6. The members of the relay team should be from the contingents list taking part in the athletics of the respective college. In case of injury of any relay team member, he/she may be substituted by a competitor from the athletics list for further participation.

7. Overall championship shall be awarded to the institution that scores maximum points in games and athletics. Athletics is considered as a single game.

8. For Overall championship first-10 points in games, 10 points in athletics if the tie remains, the overall trophies shall be held by those institution for proportionate periods.

9. Protest, if any on points of law entertained only within an hour of the match/events. Protest of any eligibility should be raised before the match/event getting over. The protest should be lodged in writing with an earnest fee of Rs.500/-this amount will be refunded only if the protest is upheld.

10. Smoking and Alcohol are strictly prohibited in the campus. Violators will be forced to vacate the campus immediately

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