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Department of Information Technology

Department Highlights

  • Effective Utilization of Google Apps
  • Slow Learner Coaching
  • Mobile App Club
  • Daily Quotes, Vocabulary, Motivational videos for students.
  • Special coaching for placement
  • Snap talk
  • Language Club
  • Effective organization of association
  • Alumni talk to motivate students
  • Computer Society of India Club
  • National Conference NCCCIS with the financial support from external agencies for the past 8 years

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1 Graduates will have a profound knowledge in the various programming languages and possess globally competent skill sets by inculcating continuous upgradation of their technical skills and personality traits.
PEO2 Graduates will be able to analyze and find solutions to various applications and reconcile the dynamic trends in the field of Information Technology.
PEO3 Graduates will contribute to the society by their ethical behavior and effective teamwork.
PEO4 Graduates will excel with different skills like effective communication, leadership qualities, and provide smart solutions in business environment.

Programme Outcomes

PO A Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of mathematical, scientific and multidisciplinary approach for problem solving.
PO B Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in various programming skills to create solutions for product based and application based software.
PO C Graduates will possess the ability to create real time solutions for different projects by using modern tools prevailing in the current trends.
PO D Graduates attain job related skills such as improved oral and written communications and experience in working in teams at a number of levels.
PO E Graduates attain advanced knowledge in the stream of Information Technology and basic knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering to develop and maintain the simple and complex information systems.
PO F Graduates will demonstrate state of the art technologies by choosing suitable electives that encourages lifelong learning.
PO G Graduates will possess effective leadership qualities and help the society with their social responsibility, ethical and moral values.
PO H Graduate perceive the attire to keep on upgrading themselves in both hardware and software to develop and manage projects in multi disciplines so as to survive in the latest IT field.
PO I Graduates possess the knowledge to consider the impact of engineering solutions to the environment and the demand for sustainable development.

Laboratory Details

S.No. Name Configuration
1. Donald Knuth Lab INTEL Core i3 4th Gen 4130 Processor,Intel H3 Express chipset Motherboard, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB Hard disk, 18.5" wide Hot Panel Monitor, Gigabit LAN/104 Keys keyboard/ Optical Mouse
2. Edsger Dijkstra Lab Lenovo Think Centre M72e ( Core i3 3rd Gen), Intel Core i3 3rd Gen 3220 Processor, Intel H61 Express Chipset Motherboard, 4 GB DDR3 RAM @ 133 MHz, ISB 500 Gb SATA-II HDD, 7200 RPM, Integrated HD Graphic Controller, 18.5’’ wide Lenovo Flat Panel Monitor, Gigabit LAN/104 Keys keyboard/ Optical Mouse
3. Digital Lab -1 Lenovo Think Center M72e,Intel Core i3 3rd Gen 3220 Processor,Intel H61 Express Chipset Motherboard,4GB DDR3 RAM @ 133 Mhz,500GB HDD@7200 RPM, 18.5"Flat Panel Monitor

Placements Record

Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Number of Eligible Students 118 111 98 94 130
Number of Students Placed 90 86 64 80 121
Number of Students Self Employed / Higher Studies 23 18 21 9 6

Faculty Details

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. J. Janet Principal
2 Dr N Susila Professor and Head
3 Dr. Anandkumar V Professor
4 Dr. K. N. Sivabalan Professor
5 Dr. S. Balakrishnan Professor
6 Dr M Rajkumar Associate Professor
7 Dr. Granty regina elwin Associate Professor
8 Dr. Sujatha T Associate Professor
9 Ms. R. Thilagavathi Associate Professor
10 Ms S Kalpana Associate Professor
11 Mr K Venkatachalam Associate Professor
12 Ms K S Sangeetha Associate Professor
13 Ms G Shobana Associate Professor
14 Ms. Saranya V Assistant Professor
15 Mr. Ratheeshkumar A.M Assistant Professor
16 Ms. Keerthika T Assistant Professor
17 Ms. Kalaiarasan T. R Assistant Professor
18 Ms. Eswari T Assistant Professor
19 Ms. Lavanya S. Assistant Professor
20 Mr. Sudharson D Assistant Professor
21 Ms. Ramalakshmi P Assistant Professor
22 Ms. Saranya G.V Assistant Professor
23 Mr. M. Diwakaran Assistant Professor
24 Mr. Winston paul D Assistant Professor
25 Ms. Sangeetha T Assistant Professor
26 Ms. Sruthi anand Assistant Professor
27 Mr. K. R. Kosaladevi Assistant Professor
28 Ms. K. Ranjeethapriya Assistant Professor
29 Ms. V. Priya Assistant Professor
30 Mr. A. Velusamy Assistant Professor
31 Ms. C. Jayabharathi Assistant Professor
32 Ms S M Keerthana Assistant Professor
33 Ms S Viswanandhne Assistant Professor
34 Ms D Dharunya Santhosh Assistant Professor
35 Ms. A. Devipriya Assistant Professor
36 Ms. R. Kanchana Assistant Professor
37 Mr. K. Nagendran Assistant Professor
38 Ms. S. Arul Selvi Assistant Professor
39 Ms. A. Jeeva Assistant Professor
40 Mr. Emmanuel Joy Assistant Professor
41 Ms. Athira Gopal Assistant Professor
42 Ms. Reshma. B. Nair Assistant Professor
43 Ms. Sophia Assistant Professor
44 Ms. P. Keerthana Assistant Professor

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