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Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Department Highlights

  • The Department of Mechatronics Engineering feels proud for having obtained Permanent affiliation status from Anna University Chennai, for its sophisticated infrastructure and state of the art facilities.
  • Most of our alumni are placed in International and National giants like BMW, Robert Bosch, Hyundai, Asahi Glass, Sundaram Fastners, Zoho, TVS etc and are still in touch with the almamater.
  • More than 100 students clear spoken tutorial test on open source softwares and simulation and get certification from IIT Bombay every year.
  • Regular internship by students in premium industries in the last semester alone around 120 students have undergone internship from top premier MNCs like BMW, Ford, Renault Nissan, Hyundai, L&T etc in the last even semester 2015-16 alone.
  • Established Robotics and Automation Wing under the tutelage of IEEE and was granted with a fund of 35,000/- for organizing Conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Established advanced technology laboratories with 6 axis ABB Industrial Robots, PLC, SCADA supported by licensed software like LABVIEW of National Instrument, Robot and Automation Studio.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1 To apply knowledge of mathematics, science and Mechatronics engineering to solve contemporary engineering problems in the field of automation.
PEO2 To design, analyze, fabricate and test smart products.
PEO3 To exhibit the skills of simulation and experimentation using advanced engineering tools of industrial standards.
PEO4 To communicate and develop strong interpersonal abilities to prepare them for placements and higher studies.
PEO5 To self-motivate towards lifelong learning and entrepreneurship.

Programme Outcomes

PO A The knowledge of mathematics, science, fundamentals of engineering and the advanced principles of Mechatronics to the solutions of complex engineering problems.
PO B The ability to identify, formulates, review literature, analyze and derive solutions for engineering problems.
PO C The ability to investigate complicated problems, which may not have a direct solution.
PO D The ability to model problems using classical methods and modern tools.
PO E The ability to design and fabricate Mechatronic systems to provide solutions to societal and environmental problems complying with legal issues, public health and safety.
PO F The understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in the context of sustainable development.
PO G Consciousness on Professional ethics and responsibility contributing to their improvement.
PO H Leadership abilities in a multi-disciplinary environment and cooperation in teamwork.
PO I The ability to communicate effectively even in critical situations, make presentations, prepare reports and documents.
PO J The ability of administration and financial management in one’s own workplace.
PO K Lifelong learning to update their knowledge in latest technologies.

Laboratory Details

S.No. Name Configuration
1. Automation and Simulation Laboratory ABB make CP405 (HMI), ABB make CP635 (HMI), ABB make PM564-TP-ETH+TA+AI562 (PLC), ABB make automation, Builder, ABB make SCADA 50 signals with dongle, BSM Servo with drive and cable.
2. Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory LabVIEW 2014, NI myDAQ University kit, PXI Controller, PCI Controller.
3. Robotics Laboratory ABB IRB 1600 6-axis Industrial Robot with compact Controller and Teach pendant, Robot Studio(Licensed Version), ELGI Screw Compressor, Servo Stabilizer, PLC with Control panel, Swivel and 3-D axis robots .
4. Sensors and Instrumentation laboratory Vibrometer Trainer, Bourdon Tube Trainer, Load Cell Trainer, Level Measurement Trainer, Flow Measurement Trainer, Temperature Measurement Kit, Torque and Strain Measurement Kits, Capacitive Measurement Kit, Stroboscope Kit.
5. Hydraulics and Pneumatics Laboratory Vertical Profile plate JTK-PTVD, Hydraulic Linear and Rotary Actuators, Speed Control of Linear Actuators, Accumulator, Counterbalancing and Regenerative Circuits, AND & OR Logic using Shuttle Valve, Serial, Parallel, Metering In and Metering Out Circuits, Sequential Circuit using PLC.

Placements Record

Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Number of Eligible Students 118 111 98 94 130
Number of Students Placed 90 86 64 80 121
Number of Students Self Employed / Higher Studies 23 18 21 9 6

Faculty Details

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr.P.Balamurugan Professor & HOD
2 Dr.T.A.Selvan Professor
3 Dr. J. Charles Pravin Associate Professor
4 Mr. M. Seenivasan Associate Professor
5 Ms. Kannaki S Associate Professor
6 Mr. S. Prem Anand Associate Professor
7 Mr. R. Emmanuel Gospel Raj Associate Professor
8 Ms. K. Ananthi Associate Professor
9 Ms. S. Nithya Priya Assistant Professor
10 Ms. M. Bhuvaneswari Assistant Professor
11 Mr. P Sathishkumar Assistant Professor
12 Mr. M.Aravind Assistant Professor
13 Mr. N. Mithran Assistant Professor
14 Mr. Panneerselvam. S Assistant Professor
15 Mr. A. Giridharan Assistant Professor
16 Ms. R. Priyadharshini Assistant Professor
17 Mr. P.M. Arunkumar Assistant Professor
18 Mr. V. Sundara Mahalingam Assistant Professor
19 Ms.S.Sneha Assistant Professor
20 Mr. K. Vigneshwarram Assistant Professor
21 Mr. N. Manikandan Assistant Professor
22 Mr. Sachchidananda Jha Assistant Professor
23 Mr. T. Vignesh Assistant Professor
24 Mr. S. Madhan Kumar Assistant Professor
25 Mr. S. Rajesh Assistant Professor
26 Mr. S. Muralidharan Assistant Professor

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