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Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department Highlights

  • The department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the versatile and foremost departments of SKCET.
  • The department has 21 labs with two labs for Research and Development and two more labs of student’s projects.
  • The department is permanently affiliated to Anna University since 2006 due to its infrastructure and facilities.
  • Clubs and associations in the department promote innovative thinking among the students. The department has eight clubs and associations like Society of Automotive Engineers, Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Association of Mechanical Engineering, etc.
  • Students are involved in funded projects obtained from DST, AICTE, UGC, etc. Joint journal publications and patenting with faculty members are encouraged.
  • Students are molded to the requirements of the industry through industry based curriculum, internships, extramural activities, etc.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1 Excel in professional career to provide engineering solutions by demonstrating technical competence in electronics and communication engineering.
PEO2 Identify, analyze and formulate problems to offer appropriate design solutions that are technically superior, economically feasible, environmentally compatible and socially acceptable.
PEO3 Achieve progress in professional and research career through communication skills, team work and knowledge up gradation through continuous education.

Programme Outcomes

PO A Apply the knowledge of the physical sciences, mathematics, computing, Electronics and Communication Engineering fundamentals for modeling and solving complex engineering problems.
PO B Design and Conduct scientific and engineering experiments, as well as to analyze, evaluate and Interpret generated data pertaining to engineering activities.
PO C Design and evaluate complex systems for specific purpose in Electronics and Communication Engineering, with due considerations for economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety considerations.
PO D Identify complex Electronics and Communication Engineering problems, formulate, analyze, design and provide solution for them.
PO E Apply appropriate techniques, skills, and modern tools for the design and analysis of engineering systems.
PO F Attain broad education to provide engineering solution by taking environment and sustainability into consideration.
PO G Understand the contemporary technical, professional issues and provide engineering solution for societal problems.
PO H Develop consciousness of professional, ethical, legal, security, social issues and responsibilities.
PO I Function effectively as individuals and in teams which may involve people from diverse background to accomplish a common goal.
PO J Communicate effectively both in written and oral form to address activities with engineering community and society.
PO K Engage in lifelong learning through higher studies/additional qualifications to adapt technical changes.
PO L Apply engineering and management fundamentals to manage the projects in time with due consideration for finance.

Laboratory Details

S.No. Name Configuration
1. CAD Laboratory The Computer Aided Design lab is equipped with 66 work stations of high end configuration. The lab is also equipped with latest modeling, analysis and simulation softwares like Creo, Inventor, Auto CAD, ANSYS, HYPERMESH, Solid works and ADAMS.
2. Dynamics and Instrumentation Laboratory The devices here are meant to measure the different properties like pressure, vacuum, temperature, power, speed, stability, balance etc.
3. I.C. Engines Laboratory The amount of work that an engine is required to do is measured by Hydraulic Loading, Electrical Loading and Mechanical Loading in this lab.(Engines available are also differing from each other). For example two stroke/four stroke, petrol/ diesel, single cylinder/ twin cylinder/ multiple cylinders etc. are available. Multi – fuel VCR engine with DAC facility is also available.
4. Thermal Engineering Laboratory Wind tunnel for lift and drag measurement, two-stage air compressor centrifuge blower, refrigeration, air conditioning rigs are the primary equipments available in this lab. Oil fired low pressure Boiler along with steam turbine set up provides facility for heat transfer analysis.
5. Lathe Shop All varieties of lathes including Turret lathe, all Geared lathe and Cone pulley lathe are the used for machining purpose. Tool dynamometer is available for force measurement.
6. Special Machines Shop Here students come across all varieties of special purpose machine tools, viz. Gear Hobbing Machine, Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Shaping Machine, Planer and Slotting Machine.
7. Strength of Materials The laboratory has equipment for testing materials for shear, impact, hardness, etc. digital UTM 40T, CTM-100T and other robust equipments add value to the laboratory.
8. Foundry Shop The foundry shop has spacious pit for practicing mould preparation. Electrostatic furnace is also available for melting the metal.
9. Smithy Shop Five black smithy furnaces are available for forging various shapes of metals by the way of supplying the required heat.
10. Welding Shop The lab is equipped with Electric Arc Welding, Gas welding, TIG and MIG welding
11. Plumbing The students practice basic house hold and industrial plumbing joints in this workshop.
12. Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory Foundry sand test equipments, Jomney end Quenching apparatus, Camera integrated microscopes, Material test devices and muffle furnace are the part of this lab.
13. Metrology Laboratory All kinds of Mechanical measurements to very close tolerances are possible here. Major instruments are Profile Projector, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Auto Collimator, Comparators and Gauges of different kinds.
14. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory This lab is equipped with all flow measurement devices, hydraulic machineries, turbines and pumps.
15. Carpentry Laboratory The students practice the basic wooden joints like lap, half lap and dove tail joints in this workshop.
16. Sheet Metal Shop The students develop the sheet metal and make small items like funnel and tray in this lab.
17. Fitting Laboratory The students learn to cut the metal and make simple joints in this workshop.
18. SAE Laboratory The students actively involve themselves in making the All terrain Vehicles, Formula 3 Vehicles, Go Kart and Eco Kart in this Lab.
19. Research and Development Lab-1 The lab has equipments like micro hardness tester, pin on disc tester, Image analysis system etc., which helps the faculty and students for doing their research level project.
20. Research and Development Lab-2 The lab has equipments like Squeeze Casting Setup, Compression moulding machine, Impact testing machine, Surface roughness tester etc., which helps the faculty and students for doing their research level project.

Placements Record

Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
Number of Eligible Students 118 111 98 94 130
Number of Students Placed 90 86 64 80 121
Number of Students Self Employed / Higher Studies 23 18 21 9 6

Faculty Details

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. P. Ashoka Varthanan Professor & HOD
2 Dr.K.Balasubramanian Professor
3 Mr.N.V.Krishnamoorthy Professor
4 Dr.N.Balaji Professor
5 Dr.R.Ramamoorthi Professor
6 Dr. P.R. Jeyakrishnan Professor
7 Dr K.Eswaramurthi Adjunct Professor
8 Dr.R.Soundararajan Associate Professor
9 Dr Sakthi vael K Associate Professor
10 Mr.A.Rajesh Associate Professor
11 Mr. R. Jeyakumar Associate Professor
12 Dr Shashi Kumar Associate Professor
13 Mr.S.Raja Associate Professor
14 Mr.C.Samson Jerold Samuel Associate Professor
15 Dr C Rajendran Associate Professor
16 Mr.V.Karthickeyan Associate Professor
17 Mr N Rakesh Assistant Professor
18 Mr.R.Arun Bharathi Assistant Professor
19 Mr.M.Vigneshkumar Assistant Professor
20 Mr.R.Karthik Assistant Professor
21 Mr.K.P.Yuvaraj Assistant Professor
22 Mr.R.Arun Kumar Assistant Professor
23 Mr.N.Babu Assistant Professor
24 Mr.S.Balu Mahandiran Assistant Professor
25 Mr.P.Raghuvaran Assistant Professor
26 Mr.J.Baskaran Assistant Professor
27 Mr.Rajpandian R Assistant Professor
28 Mr.R.Siva Subramanian Assistant Professor
29 Mr.R.B.Manoram Assistant Professor
30 Mr.P.Dheenathayalan Assistant Professor
31 Mr. Natrajan C Assistant Professor
32 Mr. S.Suresh Assistant Professor
33 Mr C Karthick Assistant Professor
34 Mr. Arun Kurien Regi Assistant Professor
35 Mr. M. Vigneshwaran Assistant Professor
36 Mr. N. Ramachandran Assistant Professor
37 Mr. S. Ranjith Kumar Assistant Professor
38 Mr Victor Kolandaisamy J Assistant Professor
39 Mr V P Srinivasan Assistant Professor
40 Mr S Balamurugan Assistant Professor
41 Mr Wilburt Moses Paul Y Assistant Professor
42 Mr T Gunasekar Assistant Professor
43 Mr S Pranesh Assistant Professor
44 Mr J Dhiyaneswaran Assistant Professor
45 Mr S Muthumanickam Assistant Professor
46 Mr M Vinosh Assistant Professor
47 Mr S Karthik Assistant Professor
48 Mr. Kamalakkannan.S Assistant Professor

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