Department of Civil Engineering


PEO1 Graduates will emerge as competitive professionals in collaboration with renowned builders and set a benchmark in the field of construction.
PEO2 Graduates will adapt to the latest technological development and continue to be a competitive Civil Engineer / Entrepreneur.
PEO3 Graduates will apply logical reasoning and analytical thinking to analyse, interpret, solve multifaceted problems in the field of Civil Engineering and identify advanced tools to satisfy the demands of society.


PO–A An ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics and science to anticipate the challenges in the field of Civil Engineering.
PO–B An ability to analyze and structural elements as per the codal provisions with practical knowledge to interpret and validate with their outcome.
PO–C An ability to be competent in planning, designing and executing different types of civil engineering projects.
PO–D An ability to incorporate in-depth knowledge of structural systems in professional practices to fulfil the requirements within realistic constraints.
PO–E An ability to use the modern Civil Engineering software packages and tools.
PO–F An ability to identify a new paradigm for analysis, design of disaster resistant infrastructure and to function in multi-disciplinary teams to emerge as productive Civil Engineer.
PO–G An ability to understand the effect of civil engineering solutions on environment and to demonstrate the need for sustainable development.
PO–H An ability to balance professional and ethical responsibilities including Contemporary issues.
PO–I An ability to manage the conducive working environment qualities through effective leadership and teamwork skills that allow professionals to become visionary and inspirational leaders.
PO–J An ability to generate techno economic viability reports and communicate the same through written oral and graphical methods.
PO–K An ability to understand the principles of project management and to communicate with construction stakeholders for the effective management of projects.
PO–I An ability to adopt latest technological development with innovation through life-long learning process.