1 Society of Automation and Robotics (SAR)

SAR is a student-run automation and robotics club on campus serving as a safe, fun and informative workspace for Sri Krishna undergraduate and graduate students to pursue their interests in automation and robotics. Members are exposed to various ideas and innovations through multiple activities conducted by the club. Membership can be availed by all students belonging to the Mechanical and Electrical Sciences programmes.

2 Energy Club The Energy Club was established in 2015. At present 375 students of Mechanical Engineering are the members of this club. The club has planned to organize various events like seminar, workshop, conference, symposium, etc., for the benefit of EC and Non EC student members. The club also arranges Inplant Training, Internship and Industrial visits for the students.
3 Coding Club Coding Club was established in July 2015. The Club looks for developing the advanced and industry read skills of software,product and services development by the way of training to build solutions of real world and in-house software needs.To induct the students to expose the development and implementation of real world projects thereby strengthen their coding and system development ability.
4 Raga's Club The carnatic music club was initiated by Infer Tech on Aug 2015. The Club is intended to conduct Carnatic music Concerts and to perform in various formal events. This club also aims to revamp the carnatic music skills of students and also teach interested students.
5 Wowser Club Functions to provide awareness to the students about detrimental habits.
6 Humour Club

Functions to ease stress among students and make them to feel relax.

7 Astronomical Club

The Astronomy Club "SHAMAIM" of "Sri Krishna" was launched on 19th of December 1998. The Managing Trustee was magnanimous in gifting the club with a 6" Newtonian optical telescope. This enables the members to identify prominent features on the surface of the moon, to take a glimpse of the rings of Saturn, the bands of Jupiter, the Andromeda galaxy, the great Orion nebula and the great globular cluster called Omega centaurus.

"SHAMAIM" is a Hebrew word and it means "The Heavens". A new chapter on Radio Astronomy was initiated in the Academic Year 2004-2005, with the building of a Mini Radio Telescope by the final BE (ECE) students. Students plan to observe Radio Emissions from the Sun, the centre of our galaxy, other exotic objects like the Radio source in Cygnus and Cassiopeia. They also plan to observe any Super Nova explosion that can occur in our Galaxy.

8 Electronics Hobby Club This Club was started to motivate and encourage the students to design basic electronic Circuits. Electronic Circuit is the heart of any Microprocessor based or PC based system. The hobby circuits made by the students will enhance their knowledge in Electronics and will enable them to build small and medium sized Electronic projects. Students belonging to any department can be a member of this club. Every effort put by the student is encouraged and proper guidance is provided. The electronic projects are designed, constructed and tested by the students. This hobby club gives an initial start for preparing the students to do their final year project.
9 Marketing Club The key objectives of the Marketing Club are to provide an interactive platform to develop, share and disseminate the latest developments in the world of marketing, as well as supporting students who are interested in pursuing careers in this area.
10 Production club The objective is to give an Industrial exposure by undertaking Industrial Visits and provide an opportunity for the students to do real time projects.
11 HR club This club is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. The club promotes the active participation of the students. The HR students take the lead in arranging the events. This enables in developing the students to plan and arrange for the events successfully. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit and implement the HR concepts practically.
12 Entrepreneurship club The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small businesses.The aim is to develop Entrepreneurial Qualities by conducting programmes like Experience sharing by Entrepreneurs, Workshop on Idea generation, - Meet the Entrepreneur lecture series, Statutory compliances for starting business, Weekend Mentoring by Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Week Celebration.
13 Finance club The Club aims to promote finance related activities.