Department of Mechatronics Engineering


PEO1 To apply knowledge of mathematics, science and Mechatronics engineering to solve contemporary engineering problems in the field of automation.
PEO2 To design, analyze, fabricate and test smart products.
PEO3 To exhibit the skills of simulation and experimentation using advanced engineering tools of industrial standards.
PEO4 To communicate and develop strong interpersonal abilities to prepare them for placements and higher studies.
PEO5 To self-motivate towards lifelong learning and entrepreneurship.


PO–A The knowledge of mathematics, science, fundamentals of engineering and the advanced principles of Mechatronics to the solutions of complex engineering problems.
PO–B The ability to identify, formulates, review literature, analyze and derive solutions for engineering problems.
PO–C The ability to investigate complicated problems, which may not have a direct solution.
PO–D The ability to model problems using classical methods and modern tools.
PO–E The ability to design and fabricate Mechatronic systems to provide solutions to societal and environmental problems complying with legal issues, public health and safety.
PO–F The understanding of the impact of engineering solutions in the context of sustainable development.
PO–G Consciousness on Professional ethics and responsibility contributing to their improvement.
PO–H Leadership abilities in a multi-disciplinary environment and cooperation in teamwork.
PO–I The ability to communicate effectively even in critical situations, make presentations, prepare reports and documents.
PO–J The ability of administration and financial management in one’s own workplace.
PO–K Lifelong learning to update their knowledge in latest technologies.