Centre for Research and Development

For effective teaching research is essential. We encourage research at all the levels of education. Our under-graduate students are encouraged to do research through the national research fellowships offered by various government agencies. Further, our post-graduate students pursue research projects and publish papers in reputed journals and conferences.

The various departments have been recognized as research centres by Anna University, Chennai. Many doctoral scholars pursue their programs under the able supervision of their research supervisors and publish papers in high quality journals. Further, our faculty have received research grants from various government and private agencies to pursue their research. A research monitoring committee scrutinizes the research project proposals before submission. Many of our faculty serve as doctoral committee members in the region thus contributing to research activities in the region. Further, research talks disseminate information on the research areas to the public at large. Our faculty are also encouraged to apply for patents and copyrights on their products.

Prof. Dr. M. Jayakumar, Director, Research and Development Cell

Dr.Ilango Krishnamurthi, Dean, Research and Development Cell

Research Advisory Board Members

S.No Distinguished Position / Status
1 Prof. A. Sivathanu Pillai Former Chief Controller, R&D, DRDO and Founder CEO & MD of BrahMoS
2 Dr. S. Sivasubramanian Former Vice Chancellor, Bharathiar University
3 Dr.SM.Ramasamy Former Vice Chancellor, Gandhigram Rural University and DST Geospatial Chair Professor, Bharathidasan University, Trichy
4 Dr.Rajiv Norohna General Manager, TCS BPO, Bangalore
5 Dr. L. Ashok Kumar Professor, PSG Tech, Dept. of EEE, Coimbatore - 4
6 Dr.S.Subha Rani Professor and Head PSG College of Technology Coimbatore - 4
7 Dr. M. Selvam Professor and Head, Department of International Business, Alagappa University, Karaikudi
8 Prof. Daniel Former Professor of Physics, Bharathidasan University
9 Dr. M. Krishnan Professor, Department of Environmental Biotechnology, Bharathidasan University, Trichy

Consultancy Projects

Simulation of Boiler Model Testing for Khalgoan=96 ABB, Bangalore.

Simulation of Boiler Model Testing for Sipat =96 ABB, Bangalore.

Dynamic Simulation of CFBC Furnace - Corporat= R & D, BHEL, Hyderabad.

Department Research Activities

Civil Engineering

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Computer Science and Engineering

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Information Technology

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Mechtronics Engineering

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Master of Computer Applications

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School of Business Management


Physical Education

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Library Research

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