College Awards

Student Awards

Best Outgoing Student Award:

Best outgoing final year student in each programme.

Academic Excellence Award:

TOP 3 RANKS of third year, second year and first year in each programme


Kart Winners:

Felicitation for the Champions in various Kart events who elevate the institution’s reputation.

Dr.G.Viswanathan VIT Chancellor – Overall Academic Performer Award (Out Standing):

Instated in the year 2010. One of the prestigious awards honors one UG and one PG students tenacity in achieving their goals.

Smart India Hackathon Shinning Star Award:

To motivate the students, an additional cash prize of Rs.1,00,000 to each SIH winning team, commemorating their success in Smart India Hackathon (Software and Hardware Edition).


Best Library User Award:

Award was instated in 2010 to encourage the students who utilize the library’s tools. Student assortment is based on statistical information, student reading proficiency, use of library tools, behavior, and evaluations by the Library Advisory Committee.


Sujith Memorial Award:

Best outgoing final year student from Computing Branches instated in the year 2008 in memory of the student Sujith Kumar.


Hack Travel grants :

To encourage the students to participate in prestigious national and international Hackthons travel allowance is granted to winning teams.


Hack Winners:

Felicitation for the Champions by displaying Individuals and team talent in rivalry like National and International Hackathons, Project Contests etc.


Student Volunteer Awards:

An award to recognize youth volunteers who has made an exemplary voluntary contribution and made a significant impacts in the outreach activities.


Best Team NSS Team:

Award to the team that has shown exceptional teamwork during the general camping arranged.


SKCET Alumni Icon Award:

Recognition Alumni members with extraordinary Professional achievements and has contributed towards Institution growth.


Faculty Awards

Best Faculty Awards:

It is a yearly award, to honor the best Faculty from each academic department with the intention of encouraging faculty members among their fellow educators. This honor is given to someone who has made significant contributions to teaching, research work and administrative duties at the Department and Institution level.


Special Contributor Awards:

Aims to honor exceptional teaching faculty at the departmental level who have contributed significantly to their field, shown excellence in teaching various subjects, made a significant impact on students, and served the community by teaching even outside of formal classroom settings.


Research Paper Award:

Recipient of the award contributed in developing and disseminating knowledge for the benefit of existing and imminent practice. The high quality of the work produced by the awardees has been published in a peer-reviewed SCI journal with a high impact factor.


Best Library User Award Faculty:

The Institute gives away the award to the Faculty members every year who make the maximum use of the library resources and facilities.The awardee is selected for the Best Library user award on the basis of Number of books taken, Usage of Online Research Repository available and Number of visits to the library.


Best Supporting Staff Award:

Administrative responsibilities, effort, punctuality, regularity, dedication to work, attitude and cooperation are the factors taken into account when deciding the reward. With the aforementioned considerations, the Best Supporting Staff award is awarded.


Young Achieving Faculty Awards:

A felicitation for young professors who have excelled in research work, have taught effectively in the classroom and administrative work.


Grants Received:

The designated awardee got funding from government organizations for research projects in order to implement revolutionary ideas and initiatives into practice in order to provide Industry and public services.


Award for Patent Granted:

The awards are intended to reward the innovation by the individuals or a team faculty for their creations and commercialization of IP which have contributed to harnessing the Institute accolade.


Best Tutor Award:

The Institute is introducing the award for each academic department to recognize exceptional mentorship that has worked hard to bring out the best in students in order to honor the efforts of teachers.


Campus Ambassador Awards:

Ambassadors are often recognized for their hard work, achievements, and leadership initiatives. Has demonstrated that they are an ambassador for the Institution in their field, taken an active part, put forth effort in everything they do, and are very independent.


Industry Certifications Award:

The recipient of the award is chosen based on their dedication in enhancing technical expertise by gaining industry certifications and contributions towards placement activities.