Skill Development

Capacity Development And Skill Enhancement Activities

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology gives massive emphasis on activities aimed toward capacity development and skill enhancement. The activities conducted are devised to enhance the leadership, adaptive, management, and technical capacity of the students. Enhancing the skill sets of the student community is also a major focus of the Institution. Several activities are planned in the following areas:

  • Soft skills
  • Awareness of trends in technology
  • Life Skills
  • Language and communication skills

Students participating in Elocution Competition

Capacity Enhancement

Intensive training programmes and activities are conducted for the students by trained professionals and external experts periodically. Trainings and competitions for development of language and communication are regularly arranged. The students are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents in different platforms.

Technology awareness programme arranged for students

Yoga session arranged for students

The students are also taught the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a good physique. Significance of fitness, yoga and meditation are imparted to the students regularly in various forums. To keep abreast with the cutting-edge technology in the Industrial realm, various awareness programmes and hands-on training workshops are scheduled for the benefit of the students.

Opportunity is given for the students to be trained in multi-disciplinary areas as well. Such capacity enhancement and skill development activities have boosted the morale of our students, building in them a sense of confidence and courage to face the world. They are thoroughly equipped to face placement interviews and other demanding situations with ease.

Skill development skcet