Internal Compliance Committee (ICC) 

Established in 1997 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology , Coimbatore (SKCET) is making gender issues continuously important as captured in its strategic objectives. The institution continues to facilitate a number of gender responsive activities. These activities includes, among others, gender has been initiated to curb the imbalances among students and staff in terms of student enrollment, employment and retention.

Procedures and policies have responded to gender sensitivity positively and the process is ongoing. This policy has come at an opportune moment when gender concerns have been recognized as important topical issues on the development agenda at National, Regional and International levels. The success of the gender policy is the responsibility of all people at policy, decision making and implementation levels of our institution.

They include the academic leaders and policy makers, working at various units of the Institution. Gender equality and equity aims at ensuring both woman and men (Staff and Students) are considered equal and treated equally in terms of dignity and rights. All at SKCET are working towards non-discrimination of any kind and particularly those based on sex. The Gender policy provides guidelines and frameworks for promoting gender equality and goes hand in glove with other policies in the country.

Women’s Grievance Redressal Cell is a growing community of women inSKCET, who share a common purpose to learn, educate and collaborate on ideas that have the power to effect meaningful and positive change while fighting the odds they face!!