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Industry Oriented Curriculum

Curriculum of SKCET is focused on what industry needs as it evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of the industry and academic boards. Individual course has been designed by a perfect blend of inputs from renowned academicians and industry experts to make every graduating student academically excellent and professionally groomed to assume leadership roles in every sector of the industry and economy.

Industry based curriculum enriches the student’s knowledge in recent or advanced fields. It easily bridges the gap between academics and industrial concepts. Besides imparting the theoretical knowledge, the curricular stresses on developing analytical skills, communication, problem solving, and teamwork abilities, case studies, industry projects, Mini projects and domain integral part of the student’s tenure at SKCET.

Block Teaching

Block teaching is a style of teaching where lectures, practical and other component of teaching are provided in an intensive block, as short as one week to few weeks and student learning is optimized, typically with students studying only one course at a time. This aims for block of time for teaching followed by a block of time for independent student learning with a different teaching scheduling and the delivery of the content from the conventional.

Active learning in the Block ensures that every student has plenty of practice in skills-based training, complex decision-making, problem solving, and teamwork. Students start each Block with a clear understanding of what needs to be done, when and develop transferrable skills across the curriculum with supported, complementary

Placement and Training

Students are trained from their first semester in Technical Skills, Cognitive Skills as well as Soft Skills enabling early preparation for placement opportunities. The Institution has a strong Industry Connection to promote real-time training and feedback from Industry mentors. Students are motivated to do Industry demanding certification courses through various skill enablement portals. More number of practice problems and coding challenges are

given for improving problem solving ability of the students through various online platforms like Leetcode, Hacker rank, Hacker earth etc. 250+ industries were visiting every year resulting in 2000+ offers. Students are encouraged to do Internship in reputed companies which are converted into placement offers. Students are motivated to participate in Industry organized technical challenges, hackathons, codethons and various other competitions.

Blended Learning (Google classroom)

Google Classroom is effectively used to enhance the students’ interest in learning, by providing them with immediate and 24 x7 access to lecture materials and other supportive learning content. The students are encouraged to read and learn new content using web resources, e-books, etc. and then are evaluated through in-class practical assignments, discussions, and presentations.

As part of creating a blending-learning environment, the instructor carefully plans and includes appropriate educational videos, games, online learning material and podcasts, as would suit and complement the course being taught. During this pandemic period regular classes were effectively handled through Google Classroom.

MyKlassroom is a potent combination of social networking and e-learning that offers an online collaborative platform for teaching and learning. enables the next generation classroom, which would provide structured access to information, a forum to discuss and assimilate information, online lectures, a faculty to moderate discussions, and 24/7 access to classrooms at any time and from any location.

Myklassroom assists in analyzing, usage and generating valuable reports on a variety of parameters such as usage, activity reports, performance reports, and so on. These reports will assist in determining the effectiveness of learning community’s usage and performance and making the necessary decisions.

Snap Talk

Snap talk is the best practice where the students have to give a short talk in the class on any topic of their choice. Students are motivated to share their point of view on a given topic in front of their classmates everyday which in turn not only enlighten their knowledge but also break their shell when it comes to public speaking.

The process brings out effective learning, creative thinking, enhanced communication and presentation skills. The feedback of the same is given to the students for further enhancement.

Facilitation of BEC Certification / Foreign Languages

Certification to cater to the competing multi-linguistic requirement of higher education and offshore placement opportunities, a good command over the English language has been taken on an important role in international business. Facilitation to cater to the compelling multi linguistic requirement of higher education and off sure placement opportunities promote the crucial foreign languages like German and Japanese’s course. The Course is meant for international examination and taught using qualified trainers systematically frequent arrangements of sessions by experts are conducted to update the students in the prospects of pursuing the language.

Applicants with significant working knowledge of English have a solid advantage in the job market; a common benchmark for measuring those skills is paramount. Thus, the Business English Certificate exam, whose certifications are recognized by thousands of organizations around the world, serves as a strong letter of merit attesting to those abilities. Cambridge examinations were introduced for the standardized international testing system through Online Based Test (OBT) which is linked to the CEFR international benchmarks.



On-the-Job Skill Training

The skill of ‘on-the-job training’ is to acquaint the students formally to a real-life work environment. This will help to explore the relationship between the knowledge & skills acquired in college with those required in the working place.

Companies like Intain located within the premises of the college, shortlist candidates for internships and offer training based in blockchain technology. Also, various Multinational Companies like Amazon, Zoho, Aspire Systems, Virtusa offer product and service-based training in internships.

Student Counselling System

Tutor ward system contributes towards student talents, personal growth and all future endeavours in education. Every faculty in the institution is a tutor. Each tutor is assigned around 15- 20 students. The tutors monitor the academic progress of their wards, extracurricular activity and any specific problems apart from regular counselling. The students can approach their respective tutor for any help. Specialized Counselling by experts also arranged for students as and when required.

A student care system – WhatsApp group of 24*7 support is created and mentoring is offered. Further, tutors will communicate with their ward’s parents periodically about the same by sending SMS and conducting both online / offline parents and teachers’ meetings (Academic Review Meeting ). After the completion of every cycle test and semester exams, concerned tutors will address their wards about their performance and counsel them to improve their excellence.

Nurture Entrepreneurship Traits

Young budding start-up engineers are identified and training on entrepreneurial skills are provided to them via field trips. The system also inculcates innovative entrepreneurial skills in the academic curriculum and research at the higher education level. This would prepare students in the basics of entrepreneurship, designing project proposals, research and training;

It provides them the necessary support till they come out with a prototype and become full- fledged entrepreneurs. Guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs are arranged for the students in order to have a keen knowledge on entrepreneurship. Students develop software and hardware products and market them through their firm websites. The Institution also provides incubation cells and lab utility.

Women Technology Centre

Our Institution uplifts women involvement in various areas like project proposal, higher education and research etc. All the female faculties are given equal support by the Institution towards their growth in all the sectors. The conduction of sessions like Teacher Development Programs and Teacher Management Processes became the strongest tools that help to achieve women empowerment. Various policy frameworks and programs are now set in this direction, and results in creating a positive environment for women.

Various self-help programs and workshops are organized for women and preparations of items like bakery products are taught. SKCET in association with Cognizant signed a COE for Women Empowerment on Tech4All Program aims at igniting with illustrious start of Cognizant foundation and ICT Academy’s Tech4ALL. The partaking of students is much appreciable in improving their communication skills in their ice breaking zone.

Outreach Programmes and Building Social Responsibility

To improve learning, promoting civic engagement, and strengthening communities through addressing the societal needs outreach programmes were organized. Beyond the regular phenomenon, extracurricular activities are also organized and made to reach the rural public. In association with government organization, NGO and other philanthropist various events like

blood donation, awareness rally, cleaning of the villages, conducting awareness in schools, rally on create a safe space where women can come together to discuss their challenges, share their experiences, and network with other women are conducted. Our students are moulded not only to be a responsible citizen but also as good humans with values.


An e-newsletter is a tool used in organization at featuring key highlights and furnishing information about the activities of institution. The wonders of our energy bundle students crew and faculty fraternity spread colours of rainbow every day and even every moment. The splashes are engraved in SKCET history in the legendary Ledger called SKCET BUZZ. It is our e-Newsletter which buzz on the array of events – tech talks by industry professionals, placement training and status updates and the astonishing international and National accolades of the students and the faculty members.

The events occurring in the Institution level are delivered and documented. Various activities of the department association like workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, hackathons, chapters and clubs are enumerated in the magazine and thus it creates the red-lettered occurrence of the events that took place at SKCET. Thereby paving path for nostalgia in future with the reverberation all through the air in eight directions of globe.


Student Awards

Awards and accolades are pivotal in a student’s life and recognizing a student’s success is also necessary. Even the slightest recognition works as a great motivation for the students and encourages them to work even harder and sincerely. Apart from scholarships, monetary benefits are offered to the students to participate in national and international hackathons and other events.

The student awards such as Best outgoing student award, Academic Excellence award, Hack winner awards, Kart winner awards encourages to participate further. SKCET never fails to felicitate and honour the students achievers in academics, co curricular and extra curriculur activities.

Faculty Recognition

With the objective of encouraging the faculty fraternity and as an effort to foster improved performance, the institution offers incentives in terms of cash benefits and funds to visit prestigious educational institutions within the country and beyond. These incentive schemes not only recognize and lauds top performers but also motivate the entire faculty to work harder. This incentive is awarded to faculty who, actively contribute to Institution level and Department responsibilities and go above and beyond to put in the extra effort to coordinate smooth functioning of the system.

The institution has a well-designed performance metric, “Faculty Academic Performance Index” wherein faculty gain scores towards various factors including, Experience, pass percentage in Academic results, Research publications, Grants received, Qualification upgrade, etc. The top scorers of each programme are honoured onstage during the College Annual Day. In addition to this, they stand benefitted from monthly incentives for a period of twelve months. One-time lump sum incentives are also awarded to faculty for making quality publications in indexed journals and for authoring books under reputed publishers.

Train the Trainer Programme

It is designed for training personnel who deliver classroom-based lessons and presentations. It equips the participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, competence, and confidence to become an effective trainer, which in turn improves the value of the training programmes they deliver.

SKCET collaborates with TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Virtusa, Aspire Systems and Capgemini for the “Train the Trainer” programme. The faculty team of SKCET has attended the faculty assessment session along with the Faculty Development Programme held at Indian Statistical Institute – Kolkata.

Cross-Sectoral Learning

Collaborative learning enhances the student’s learning capability by forming a team of their choice irrespective of the departments to work unitedly. The process also creates a mutual relationship between the interdisciplinary department students towards their contribution in projects. Each and every stage of the project is to be addressed by the respective domain which delivers the successful completion of the project.

Project Based Learning unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students and teachers by encouraging students to work on a project over an extended period of time – from a week up to a semester.

Outbound Training

Experiential learning through outbound programs is a methodology extensively deployed in the corporate world. ‘Outbound’ in the present context refers to being away from familiar ‘indoors’ (comfort zones) to an unfamiliar, formal and boundless scientific zone. Students are taken for field trips where they involve themselves in the entire process of manufacturing a product.

They are being exposed to cutting edge technologies like smart homes. Hands-on learning has its own importance in the career of a student pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as an integral part of college curriculum and the objective of outside classroom learning/field visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.

Value Added MOOC Courses

Industry relevant certification/trainings are offered to the students to add value to their regular curricular content. The Institution recommends online learning through reputed and elite online learning platforms including SWAYAM NPTEL, Coursera, edX, MIT Open Course Ware, etc. As part of their graduating programmes, the students learn and complete at least one NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) course as a Mandatory Course.

This learning exercise exposes students to new technological trends, improves their self-learning ability, and permits them to tap into peer – network knowledge across the country. The certifications earned both at the national and international levels results in profile enrichment that in turn improves employability.

ICT Facilitated Learning

A combination of the flipped classroom model and Blended Learning is in place, to facilitate effective teaching-learning. Smart boards mounted in all classrooms have provided a better and superior way for the instructors to present and deliver their lectures. With the provision to include graphics and animations in the classroom content, lectures through smart boards are much more engaging and persuasive for the learners.

With Smart classroom Students are encouraged to share their perspectives on a given topic in front of their classmates on a daily basis, which not only broadens their knowledge but also helps them break out of their shell when it comes to public speaking.

Green and Smart Campus

Our campus is free from plastics and students are actively coordinating to keep the campus clean. Students take part in several activities as part of Swachh Bharat Mission, Observance of “Swachhata Pakhwada” in keeping the campus clean and healthy. In addition, due to this practice SKCET secured 2nd runner-up in AICTE-Lilavati 2021, under the category ‘Sanitation and Hygiene’

Solid Waste

  • Dedicated Staff allotted for solid waste collection.
  • Segregation of solid waste at the source of generation.

Liquid Waste

  • Sewage treatment plant (STP) is used to separate black and grey water
  • Recycled water used for gardening purposes.
  • 100% wastewater [308 Kilo liters per day] treated on campus.

Industry Partnered Programmes

An undergraduate programme, B. Tech. Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS), has been launched in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The curricula designed by the industry focuses on bringing about a strong understanding of contemporary technology, and an equal appreciation of humanities, management sciences and human values.

As part of an MoU signed with Virtusa Consulting, an integrated programme, M.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering has been introduced. Students of this programme would benefit from the comprehensive curriculum, set in connect with Virtusa Consulting, that encompasses practical engineering skills and latest technology trends. The graduates will also get the opportunity to work on live projects and case studies as part of internship opportunities.